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seven doors tattoo

Eight legged creature for Kayne, thanks! #sevendoorstattoo #bullcatrotary
Today on Jorge, thanks! #sevendoorstattoo #bullcatrotary
Today on Jack, thanks! Shading done with the #bullcat #sevendoorstattoo
Today on Jordan, thanks! #sevendoorstattoo
Today on Jack. Thanks! #sevendoorstattoo
My version of the boxer of Quirinal. Cauliflower ear included ;) Thanks Ryan! #sevendoorstattoo
Cat for Olivia. Thanks! #sevendoorstattoo
ATTENTION SWEDEN! Not long now, I’ll be tattooing in Stockholm with my buddy @teidetattoo Limited spaces. Let’s have some fun! Contact Anna for appointments. Thank you!
Arthur the dachshund for Nick. Thanks! #sevendoorstattoo
Living legend @bryanburk is gonna be with us @sevendoorstattoo August 1st-6th don’t miss the chance to get tattooed by him, he’s the real deal! You can contact him regarding appointments on bryanburk@hotmail.com  thank me later 👍